Blueberry’s Grill NMB

North Myrtle Beach, SC. – I was lucky enough to be invited to Blueberry’s Grill preview event this past weekend to check out their new restaurant and eat lots of delicious food. Brunch is one of my favorite meals of the day, when else can you drink cocktails in the morning and not get judged?

When we first pulled up to Barefoot Landing where the new location of Blueberry’s Grill is you could see the restaurant from 17. We discussed what kind of design we’d describe it as and I think we ended up agreeing on industrial farmhouse. On the inside and out you can see cozy farmhouse touches with the openness of industrial. The outdoor patio looked like a great place to eat on a cool fall day with a fireplace on one end. Seeing as it was a hot summer day we headed straight in.

DSCF0924One of the first things you notice when you get inside are the variety of light bulbs and chandeliers. The lightbulbs hanging between the large wooden beams on the ceiling looked like vintage light bulbs and the chandeliers were made with chicken wire. I thought the chandeliers were pretty cool in particular.

I decided to not go traditional brunch when ordering my first drink. Looking at their drink menu I immediately saw a Tiramisu Martini. I’m a sucker for Tiramisu in general, and the drink was liquid boozy Tiramisu. Those could get dangerous quick! Later on I got the Dill Bloody Mary. I must say Blueberry’s Bloody Mary mix was very spicy. I’m just glad I didn’t order the Spicy Bloody Mary. In the Bloody Mary, there was a slice of bacon that seemed like it was baked with everything bagel topping. I’d recommend you try out the bar menu as it was pretty damn good.

Bloody Mary

Once it came to ordering food, I was a bit overwhelmed by the menu. There was a full page for Lunch and two full pages for Breakfast. On top of the three pages of options our waitress, Olga, told us about their specials for the day. Olga definitely saw we were having some trouble figuring out what we wanted and told us about a few of her favorites and popular items. We ended up going for one of the specials, Potato Latkes with smoked salmon, and two of her suggestions, French Beignets and the Roasted Brussels Sprouts to start with. We also ordered the Ahi Tuna small plate and the Crunchy Blue Cheese Salad.

Potato Latkes


When I ordered the Potato Latkes, I may have stopped listening to the description after she said potato, so I wasn’t sure at all what I would be getting. I was pleasantly surprised since the salmon and latkes both had a high level of fat, but they added lemon zest and a creamy sauce to help balance out the richness of the salmon and latkes.

The French Beignets were steaming and delicious, they were a bit large and dense, and probably could have been more than enough of a meal. I think I got 6 large pieces. Those were taken home for breakfast the next day.

French Beignets

Everything we got in the end was delicious. I’m looking forward to going back and trying some more things from the vast menu. If you visit Blueberry’s make sure you have plenty of room to eat!


Crunchy Blue Cheese Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts