Myrtle Beach Chew

Myrtle Beach, SC. My intention with this website is to provide locals and tourists information on local restaurants and bars around the Grand Strand with reviews, pictures, and tips.

There are some websites around Myrtle Beach that have some great information but not all. And I hope to fill in the blanks. I can’t wait to share my friends and I’s experiences around Myrtle Beach restaurants and bars. I know I’ve found some places that are fantastic for happy hour, some have great deals certain days of the week, and some who have deals that aren’t all that worth it.

Did you know many restaurants in the off season have great deals like half off wine? Or that some restaurants have happy hour every day of the week? These are some of the things I hope to share with you!

I’m a Chef from Boston turned Myrtle Beach Foodie. I love to eat and love photography.

So I hope you come out and join us for dinner and drinks!

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